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Application Development aligned to business roadmaps

Solve business challenges by combining data and digital technologies to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, improve internal processes and leverage new business opportunities through our Agile-focused holistic approach to application development.

Next-gen technology apps

Technologies such as AI, ML, IOT, RPA future proof business and deliver connected experiences bridging humans, machines with data. Create disruptive models, automate processes and redefine stakeholder experiences.

Web applications development

In a world of online everything and ubiquitous connectivity, web applications are enabling software-driven businesses. Build scalable and secure web apps that comply with and adapt to your changing business needs.

Application development and maintenance

Enterprise application, development and maintenance in a hybrid and heterogeneous environment can blow up your TCO. Build, maintain and improve your application portfolio performance with agile, scalable and efficient processes.

Mobile Application Development

Mobility is hygiene for businesses that are already slipping into the post-SMAC era. Creating high performance, native and hybrid mobile applications. Whether it’s an Android app or an iOS supported app, we have you covered for security, scalability and sustainability.

Engagement models that work for you

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

A dedicated and talented pool of software developers working in a trusted and certified environment. The ODC model facilitates a co-engineering model with greater visibility and predictability throughout the development process.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Fast track to a capable large engineering team that is hired and trained exclusively to fit your business requirements, vision, goals and criteria. The ‘transferable’ dedicated team, managed by us, is steeped in your cultural DNA, company practices and answers your enterprise brand.

E-Commerce & Retail Solution

Primary solutions for the e-commerce industry include website and mobile apps, logistics and supply chain management, inventory management and tracking software, catalogue management tools, concierge services and loyalty programs.

Healthcare & Pharma Solution

Our digital healthcare portfolio stretches across apps for Medical Reps management, Online pharmacies, Analytics for Drug Inventory & Prediction, PatientDatabase/Monitoring Solutions, Hospital connect, Insurance Renewals and Claims settlements and hospitalStaff Management

Logistics & Supply chain Solution

Our range of solutions includes Container Tracking, Field Force Management & CRM, Inventory Management, Job & Labor Management, Order Management, Purchasing & Auctioning, Scheduling & Route Optimization, Shipping Management, Document Management

Education Solution

We have built learning management systems that help with administration and delivery of courseware. We have also built software for e-learning and offline content distribution besides establishing a proper connection between school, parents and students.

Manufacturing & Infrastructure Solution

Our expertise includes management solutions for catalogs, salesforce, inventory, logistics and supply chain and warranties. We have also developed several e-commerce, warehouse, product and project management solutions.

Hospitality & Real estate Solution

Digital solution for the hospitality industry include Websites & Mobile Apps, Digital Catalogues Customer engagement Apps, Information Brochures & Interactive Tools, Home & Office Construction Monitoring

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