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Deliver connected enterprise and consumer experiences

Services that bring together design, devices and data securely

Converge physical and digital ecosystems to deliver customer centric experiences or optimize operation performance with real-time insights. Accelerate digital transformation with real-time data and insights on people, systems, processes and environments.

IoT Consulting

An intelligent network or ecosystem unlocks new opportunities, develops disruptive business models, innovates on products and services and creates personalized experiences. We define the blueprint for your tech stack, data models and integrations and industry best practices.

IoT in Healthcare

IoT is transforming quality of care, convenience and cost for payers, providers, physicians and patients. Leverage emerging technologies with new age devices and wearables to enable services such as remote patient monitoring and diagnostics, wellness or preventive healthcare.

IoT in Safety & Security

Leverage IoT to manage complex security challenges across the digital and physical worlds. Secure people, data, assets, infrastructure and identity across environments and devices with real-time monitoring, tracking, alerts and in some cases - remediation.

Personalized retail experiences

Elevate in-store and online personalized shopping experiences and influence customer behaviour. Track and manage inventory in real-time, gain insights on merchandising, enhance convenience for all for a smarter retail experience.

Digital Transformation Services for the connected world

E-Commerce & Retail Solution

Primary solutions for the e-commerce industry include website and mobile apps, logistics and supply chain management, inventory management and tracking software, catalogue management tools, concierge services and loyalty programs.

Healthcare & Pharma Solution

Our digital healthcare portfolio stretches across apps for Medical Reps management, Online pharmacies, Analytics for Drug Inventory & Prediction, PatientDatabase/Monitoring Solutions, Hospital connect, Insurance Renewals and Claims settlements and hospitalStaff Management

Logistics & Supply chain Solution

Our range of solutions includes Container Tracking, Field Force Management & CRM, Inventory Management, Job & Labor Management, Order Management, Purchasing & Auctioning, Scheduling & Route Optimization, Shipping Management, Document Management

Education Solution

We have built learning management systems that help with administration and delivery of courseware. We have also built software for e-learning and offline content distribution besides establishing a proper connection between school, parents and students.

Manufacturing & Infrastructure Solution

Our expertise includes management solutions for catalogs, salesforce, inventory, logistics and supply chain and warranties. We have also developed several e-commerce, warehouse, product and project management solutions.

Hospitality & Real estate Solution

Digital solution for the hospitality industry include Websites & Mobile Apps, Digital Catalogues Customer engagement Apps, Information Brochures & Interactive Tools, Home & Office Construction Monitoring